About M.E.N.

Men's Evolvement Network (MEN) is a counselling and personal development service for men dealing with the challenges of life in a complex world of work, relationships and moral choices. MEN is for men who want to grow in their life roles, whether they are fathers, partners, mentors or citizens of the world.

MEN was started in 1990 by John Byrne, a psychotherapist who specialises in issues of personal growth for men. John is based in Melbourne, Australia and has worked worldwide developing and running groups and workshops centred on men's health and well-being.

John holds a graduate diploma in counselling and human services from La Trobe University. In addition to his private counselling practice, John has worked with groups and organisations including:

  • Programme Development Consultant and Facilitator with: the O'Connell Family Centre, developing a Dad Skills program over the past six years.
  • Galliamble and Winja Ulupna (Aboriginal men's and women's alcohol recovery centre respectively).
  • John was the International vice chairman of The Mankind Project, and has been instrumental in developing men's health and well-being groups and workshops.

Consultation fees

The fee at Menís Evolvement Network is based on employment status.

  • Employed - $75/hour Individual consultation
  • Part-Time Employed (not on Centrelink allowance) - $60/hour consultation
  • Unemployed / Students - $45/hour consultation
  • Accounts are to be paid for at the time of consultation and we accept cash, personal cheques, Please note you will incur 50% payment of the fee if cancellation is less than 24hrs